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Our Annual Operating Plans

To reach our vision of Heritage For All, we have a year-by-year plan. Get an overview of our annual plans in detail.

As an organisation, we are dedicating ourselves to our vision of Heritage For All.

This vision is set out in our Corporate Plan 2019 Onwards. Our yearly priorities to bring us closer to our vision are set out in Annual Operating Plans. They provide the link between the day to day business of the organisation and the Corporate Plan.

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Every year, they chart what resources will be made available, what we’re looking to achieve and how we’ll measure our performance in line with our five themed outcomes:

  • The historic environment makes a real difference to people’s lives.
  • The historic environment is looked after, protected and managed for generations to come.
  • The historic environment makes a broader contribution to the economy of Scotland and its people.
  • The historic environment inspires a creative and vibrant Scotland.
  • The historic environment is cared for and championed by a high-performing organisation.
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Amy's Story

Working daily to promote Scotland’s incredible heritage through her work with Historic Environment Scotland, Amy Mack has long been involved in championing our historic environment.

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