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Our Annual Operating Plans

Get an overview of our Annual Operating Plans, which set out deliverables for the organisation.

Our Annual Operating Plans set out how we will deliver what we set out in our Corporate Plan.

Every year, they chart what resources will be made available, what we are looking to achieve and how we’ll measure our performance in line with our five strategic themes:

  • Lead
  • Understand
  • Protect
  • Value
  • Perform

The Annual Operating Plans provide the link between the day to day business of the organisation and the Corporate Plan.

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Through collaboration with partners throughout the sector and beyond, we will contribute to the achievement of the Scottish Government’s Strategic Objectives and the National Outcomes in Scotland Performs.
The 2018-19 Annual Operating Plan outlines our commitments for the year under key themes, such as:
  • promoting heritage for all
  • strengthening communities
  • addressing the impact of climate change and reducing our carbon emissions
  • strengthening Scotland's National Record of the Historic Environment
  • sharing our knowledge and improving access to information and data
  • growing tourism through our attractions and experiences
  • promoting equality