Grants and Funding

Acknowledging your grant funding

As part of your grant funding you will be expected to acknowledge our support.

1 Before you start

As part of your grant funding you will be expected to acknowledge our support as part of any publicity for your project.

This can be done by using our logo, including information about the funding in a press release and mentioning our support on your social media channels. Please ensure you read our corporate priorities before creating any communications.

For further information please contact our communications team at

3 Press and media

We encourage grantees to promote their projects and acknowledge grant funding through the media. This is a great way to bring attention to your project.

Your grant funding must be acknowledged in any communications being issued to the media relating to your project.

A press release template is available which can be versioned to suit your project and funding.

Press release template

A press release can only be issued after the embargo date on your award letter has passed, or after HES has announced the funding. You must inform the HES communications team when you plan to issue a press release.

To tailor your press release with a quote from HES or to keep us updated with your press activity contact our communications team at

4 Photo calls or media invites

Inviting the media to an event or organising a photo call can raise awareness of your project and generate media coverage. A representative from HES must be invited to attend any photo opportunities.

If you are staging photos which will be used by the media, you must inform our communications team at

5 Social media

Social media is another great way to promote your project. When mentioning your grant funding please use the hashtag #HESsupported

You should also tag HES in your posts which then gives us an opportunity to share and/or retweet where appropriate.

You can find us on the following social media accounts:





6 Events

If you are hosting an event to launch your project, celebrate your funding, or showcase a finished project, you must inform us and allow us to invite appropriate representatives from HES.

If there will be speeches from funders at the event, you must inform HES and offer us a speaking slot.

If you are discussing your grant project in any speeches, HES grant funding must be mentioned.

Our logo must be displayed at the event on, but not limited to, the following: brochures, invites, pop-ups and banners.

Please send details of your event to our communications team at

7 Images

We expect grantees to send us images with the correct permissions throughout the lifespan of the project. The types of images you should send includes:

  • Before and after images
  • Images during works taking place
  • People interacting with the project, or enjoying the building or event
  • People undertaking training