Ranger Service

Our rangers educate visitors about Holyrood Park, Linlithgow Peel and the Heart of Neolithic Orkney.

A ranger leading a group of walkers at Holyrood Park.

1 Overview

Our Ranger Service is based at Holyrood Park, Linlithgow Peel and the Heart of Neolithic Orkney World Heritage Site, and works on sites across our estate. As well as patrol and survey sites and assist the emergency services, our rangers educate visitors of all ages about our sites.

Rangers give visitors the chance to learn about the many different aspects of the special places they protect. Guided walks, group tours and other events led by the Ranger Service cover history, wildlife, folklore and much more.

2 Ranger Service events

The Ranger Service runs a wide range of walks, talks and events throughout the year. Open to all ages, abilities and levels of knowledge, these events aim to raise awareness, understanding and enjoyment of our sites.

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3 Holyrood Park Education Centre

The Ranger service is based at:

Holyrood Park Education Centre
1 Queen’s Drive

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Telephone: 0131 652 8150
Email: rangers@hes.scot