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1 Overview

Our digital learning resources are best browsed in our Learn, Create & Play section.

This Teaching Resources section of our website has some useful resources for group leaders preparing a learning visit to one of the historic places in our care. 

We have some themed resources to help you link your site visit to broader social studies topics.

Many of our resources are also available in Gaelic – so why not explore our Gaelic resources area.

2 Themed resources

Download a range of guides to help your study of places, people, events, themes and objects from Scotland’s past.

Evidence record 

Learners can use our evidence record to note down discoveries as they investigate our sites.

See our guide to Gaelic resources for Gaelic versions of this and other materials. 

Investigating Historic Sites: Places

Go Forth Digital Learning Resources

Life in medieval Scotland

Cooking in a Castle
Cooking in the Village
Feasting in the Great Hall
Having Fun
Keeping Clean
Working in a Castle

Investigating Historic Sites: Special Themes

Declaration of Arbroath: Illustrated Activity Booklet
Castle Quest teacher-led trail for Edinburgh Castle
Jacobite trail for Edinburgh Castle

Forestry Commission Scotland resources

Recumbent Stone Circles
The Picts

4 Make and create

These creative resources take a playful look at a range of themes. We hope you enjoy using them at home, at school, at one of our historic sites or wherever your group meets up!

Craft and play activities

Playful Pack: play castles at home!
Design a castle stronghold [PDF, 2.53MB]
Make a mini catapult [PDF, 1.67MB]
Make your own heraldic shield [PDF, 533KB]
Make your own jousting helmet [PDF, 130KB]
Make your own lion or unicorn puppet [PDF, 352KB]

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Colouring sheets

Castle [PDF, 375KB]
Crown [PDF, 768KB]
Jousting Knight [PDF, 855KB]
Unicorn [PDF, 659KB]
Drummer Boy [PDF, 148KB]
Hebridean Girl [PDF, 160KB]
Knight [PDF, 140KB]
Monk [PDF, 128KB]
Pictish Boy [PDF, 120KB]
Princess [PDF, 154KB]
Viking Warrior [PDF, 132KB]

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