Basic access to the more than 480,000 digital resources available via this online service is free for everyone.

Scran gives you direct access to more than 480,000 digital resources for studying heritage and material culture. It is one of the UK’s largest educational online services. Scran currently supports more than 4,000 schools, libraries, colleges and universities.

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Resources include:

  • images
  • video clips
  • podcasts
  • Pathfinder teaching packs linked to both the Scottish and English curriculum frameworks

Basic access to Scran is available to everyone, but Scran subscribers can do much more. Many schools in Scotland, and most further and higher education institutions and libraries offer full access to Scran resources free of charge.

Subscribers can:

  • view images full size
  • carry out simple and advanced searches
  • download copyright-cleared resources free of charge for educational and personal use
  • create resources from Scran material, including worksheets, posters and flashcards
  • save favourite Scran resources and organise them in albums
  • share resources with friends or upload them to a blog

More than 4,000 teachers have home subscriptions to the service, and many public libraries, colleges and universities subscribe. More than 500 Scran subscriptions are for personal interest and research.

Credit for playground image from previous screen: Argyll & Bute Libraries, via Scottish Life Archive