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Communities and Climate Change

Explore our resources to help you take climate action.

People in a replica house at Skara Brae

Do you want to find out how you and your community can take climate action?

It is important to understand the impacts climate change has on our historic environment, so you can identify appropriate action. We've made several resources available to learn more.

Holding a climate action workshop

To help you identify ideas and work through challenges, you can use our climate action workshop template. While this is designed to be used for a group, it can still be helpful to get a discussion going even among two people. The workshop will help you identify ideas for potential projects, which can later be followed up, or for the group to identify actions that can be split between them.

Taking climate action while travelling

When you travel, look out for sustainable modes of transport, if it’s safe and possible to do so. To help you compare options, you can use the travel calculator to see the emissions of your journey using different methods.

Taking climate action by lowering emissions

If you’re looking to reduce emissions, then take a look at our guidance on energy efficiency and micro renewables in the historic environment