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Appeal a listing decision

If you're unhappy with a listing decision, you have a statutory right of appeal.

We are always happy to review our listing decisions. Find out how to request a review using our online application form.

If you are unhappy with our listing decision, owners, occupiers and tenants have a statutory right of appeal for:

  • new listings
  • changes to statutory addresses of existing listings

Appeals are made to the Planning and Environmental Appeals Division (DPEA). They can be made on the grounds that the building is not of special architectural or historic interest and should be removed from the list.

You must make your appeal within three months of our notification of the new listing or change to the statutory address of an existing listing. Only those directly affected by a listing are eligible to appeal. Other interested parties may be able to make representations during the appeals process, however.

There’s no statutory right of appeal for:

  • removal of a listing
  • decisions not to list
  • changes in listing category

We will, however, review our decision if new information comes to light in such cases.

How to appeal

Appeals to Scottish Ministers are processed on their behalf by DPEA. There is no fee to make an appeal.

Appeal forms and guidance notes for making appeals are available at DPEA:

Planning and Environmental Appeals DivisionHadrian House
Hadrian House
Callendar Business Park
Callendar Road


After the appeal process is complete, DPEA will prepare and issue a decision notice. This will spell out the terms of the decision and also the reasons for it. The notice will be sent to the appellant. Everyone who has participated in the appeal will be told about the decision.

The decision notice will also be published on the online case file at the DPEA website.

Further information

More information about appeals can be found in our guidance