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Effects of Inventory status on battlefield owners

Find out what Inventory status means for owners.

Like other parts of the historic environment, battlefields are a fragile and finite resource. They are vulnerable to a range of impacts that can diminish their value and potential.

Historic Environment Scotland advises planning authorities and other relevant public bodies to ensure that they take Inventory sites into account in their plans, policies and decision-making processes.

Planning authorities should ensure that:

  • Inventory battlefields are recognised in the development planning process
  • any impacts upon battlefields are considered
  • development plans include policies that identify battlefields in their area and outline criteria for their protection, conservation and management within the planning system

Other public bodies with responsibilities for landscape, land-use and land management should also develop policies and guidelines for Inventory battlefields in line with their work.

Parts of some battlefields are also designated as:

Battlefields also include areas designated for other reasons – e.g. National Parks, National Scenic Areas and areas designated for local landscape value – which may also help to protect the landscape of the battle.