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Caring for and conserving battlefields

Battles took place in living, working landscapes that must be managed proactively to keep pace with modern life.

1 Overview

Battles took place in living, working landscapes that have evolved continually ever since. These landscapes must now be managed proactively and positively to keep pace with modern life.

We can all play a role in making sure that our historic battlefields survive for future generations. In the right hands, battlefields enhance our sense of place, culture and economy.

The Inventory of Historic Battlefields identifies and provides information about nationally important battlefields, to focus planning authorities and other public bodies on the management of change.

The information included in Inventory records can also help individuals and communities to care for Scotland’s battlefields.


Historic Environment Scotland
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2 Planning policy

The planning process should take into account the battlefield landscape and its individual elements, and aim to avoid unnecessary damage to this finite and fragile resource.

The planning authority must consult Historic Environment Scotland on development proposals considered to affect an Inventory battlefield. Our involvement is limited to development that requires planning permission.

3 Reporting and recording finds

Objects from battlefields tell us much about the battle and the soldiers who fought in it. So it’s vitally important that all objects found on such sites are reported and recorded.

You must report to the Treasure Trove Unit any find made on a Scottish battlefield – or anywhere else in Scotland – which is of archaeological, historical or cultural significance.

Read more about finds made on archaeological sites.

4 Non-Inventory battlefields

Some battlefields not included in the Inventory may still be of national importance, but can’t be sufficiently defined at present. Others are of regional or local significance, and add to the understanding of the archaeology and history of a specific area.

Research reports are available to download for the following battlefields.

Aberdeen II [PDF, 480KB]
Athelstaneford [PDF, 408KB]
Carberry Hill [PDF, 432KB]
Dun Nechtain [PDF, 493KB]
Glen Trool [PDF 463KB]
Largs [PDF, 450KB]
Methven [PDF, 456KB]
Mons Graupius [PDF, 521KB]
Pass of Brander [PDF, 138KB]