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Examples of works requiring scheduled monument consent

View specific examples under each category of works to scheduled monuments that will require scheduled monument consent.

This is not an exhaustive list.

Category of works

Specific examples

Any works resulting in the demolition or destruction of, or any damage to, a scheduled monument

  • Excavation of any part of a monument, regardless of the size of the excavation
  • Removal of all or part of a scheduled monument
  • Insertion or repair of drainage

Any works for the purpose of removing or repairing a scheduled monument or any part of it, or of making any alterations or additions to it

  • Consolidation works to a monument
  • Removal of material, soil or structures from a scheduled area
  • Felling or planting of trees
  • Erection, removal or replacement of fencing
  • Erection of signposts or information boards
  • Construction of new paths
  • Erection of polytunnels
  • Erection of temporary installations
  • Field walking

Any flooding or tipping operations in, on or under land where there is a scheduled monument

  • Diverting a drain outside of a scheduled area, flooding all or part of a monument
  • Altering the flow of a stream or river, flooding all or part of a monument
  • Importing topsoil or other materials into the scheduled area, either temporarily or permanently


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