This is not an exhaustive list.

Category of works

Specific examples

Any works resulting in the demolition or destruction of, or any damage to, a scheduled monument

  • Excavation of any part of a monument, regardless of the size of the excavation
  • Removal of all or part of a scheduled monument
  • Insertion or repair of drainage

Any works for the purpose of removing or repairing a scheduled monument or any part of it, or of making any alterations or additions to it

  • Consolidation works to a monument
  • Removal of material, soil or structures from a scheduled area
  • Felling or planting of trees
  • Erection, removal or replacement of fencing
  • Erection of signposts or information boards
  • Construction of new paths
  • Erection of polytunnels
  • Erection of temporary installations
  • Field walking

Any flooding or tipping operations in, on or under land where there is a scheduled monument

  • Diverting a drain outside of a scheduled area, flooding all or part of a monument
  • Altering the flow of a stream or river, flooding all or part of a monument
  • Importing topsoil or other materials into the scheduled area, either temporarily or permanently


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