Historic Scotland

Opening times

By appointment only. To arrange a visit, call 0131 554 3289 (Monday to Friday).




Dive into Leith’s famous maritime history. Once the base of the Incorporation of Mariners and Shipmasters, this elegant Georgian house holds an outstanding collection of maritime treasures.

Set up in the 1300s, the Incorporation collected port dues and provided assistance to Leith’s maritime communities for centuries. Generations of masters and members of Trinity House were closely involved in the maritime development of Leith.

What to see and do

  • Enter the vast Convening Room – a magnificent meeting chamber dominated by an enormous mahogany table
  • Seek out maritime memorabilia including narwhal tusks and navigational instruments
  • View Sir Henry Raeburn’s painting of Admiral Duncan – a naval masterpiece
  • See the Georgian fixtures and furnishings of the Master’s Room, a cosy space where pensions were once given out