Historic Scotland

Opening times

1 April to 30 September:
Monday to Sunday, 10am to 4.30pm (last outward sailing)

1 to 22 October:
Monday to Sunday, 10am to 3.30pm (last outward sailing)

Check here for unexpected closures




Watch a forbidding island fortress come into view as you cross the River Dee by boat. Archibald the Grim’s massive tower house, built in 1369 as a stronghold for the Black Douglases, stands 30m tall.

What to see and do

  • Enjoy the short boat trip across the River Dee to reach the island fortress
  • Stand in awe of the huge tower house – it’s the same height as a modern 10-storey block of flats
  • Get up close to the artillery fortification that kept James II’s forces at bay – an innovative defence years ahead of its time