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Threatened Buildings Survey programme

We record buildings, monuments and structures of all kinds where there is a threat to the future of the site.

Our Threatened Buildings Survey (TBS) programme is one of the main sources of new material for our collections. We record buildings, monuments and structures of all kinds where there is a threat to the future of the site.

We carry out this recording work through two main work strands within the TBS programme.

Consent-based survey work

Historic Environment Scotland is involved in the Scottish planning system in a number of ways. One such role kicks in when a designated site is granted listed building consent or conservation area consent.

Our statutory role gives us the option to record listed buildings and conservation area buildings that have been granted permission for demolition, part-demolition or significant alteration.

Your planning consent will explain if you’re required to contact Historic Environment Scotland about such works. You must tell us of demolition works only at the end of the consent process. But you can contact us sooner to help avoid delays to future developments.

We also access and record buildings, both listed and unlisted, where alterations are proposed. We do this on a non-statutory basis, by actively working with building owners, local authorities and heritage professionals.

Threat-based survey work

Buildings not involved in the planning system can also be at risk.

Get in touch to let us know of buildings and sites of historic and architectural interest that are threatened in any way – whether through closure and disuse, neglect or alteration.

We also carry out emergency surveys, wherever possible, at buildings affected by unforeseen issues such as fire, structural problems or accidental damage.

Submit a proposal or notification

To propose a Threatened Buildings Survey – whether statutory or non-statutory – or notify us of a planning consent, please complete and send us the relevant form.

We assess each TBS proposal on a case-by-case basis, according to the historic/architectural merit of the building, our available resources and the needs of our collections.

Download the Survey proposal form [PDF, 123KB]

Download the Survey proposal form [Word, 45KB]

Download the Consent application referral form [PDF, 188KB]

Download the Consent application referral form [Word, 70KB]

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