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Maritime surveys

Find out about our extensive maritime survey records, and how we rely on archaeologists and amateur divers to add to this information.

Historic Environment Scotland records:

  • evidence in both salt and fresh water
  • ‘museum’ vessels
  • ‘preserved’ vessels

Ports, harbours and lighthouses form part of the industrial survey.

Maritime survey information is made available via our Canmore database.

Our almost 20,000 maritime records cover:

  • wrecks – the located remains of lost vessels
  • casualties – historical, documentary or traditional accounts of lost vessels, without material remains and typically unlocated
  • obstructions – debris on the seabed
  • underwater aircraft wreckage

In each case, we:

  • aim to integrate all of the available evidence
  • try to assess the accuracy of the location cited and the identification of the vessel
  • hold supporting archive material, where this is available

Historic Environment Scotland doesn’t have its own divers or research vessels, so we appreciate archaeologists and amateur divers passing on information.

Find out how to help conserve Scotland’s marine heritage.

Find out about all of our records by visiting the online catalogue of Scotland’s historic environment. Search Canmore now.