1 Overview

Our Commemorative Plaque Scheme celebrates significant people by erecting plaques on the buildings where they lived or worked.

The scheme celebrates the link between person and building and emphasises the social and human element of local architecture.

A building can say a great deal about the character of the person who inhabited it. It can confirm assumptions or come as a complete surprise, casting a new light on the person concerned.

Anyone whose life and achievements have made a significant difference to Scotland and its people will be considered for the scheme. We also include people who have gained international recognition for their impact and accomplishments.

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2 Nomination criteria

Any nomination for the Commemorative Plaque Scheme must meet the following criteria.

The nominee:

  • must have been dead for at least 20 years
  • must have been born more than 100 years ago
  • should be significantly associated with a surviving building

The nomination process:

  • the name of the person being nominated for a plaque
  • the address of the building where the plaque is proposed
  • details of the reasoning behind the request
  • appropriate background information
  • permission from the property’s present owner

It is crucial that the applicant seeks permission for the siting of a plaque from the building’s owner before submitting a nomination.

Where buildings have been radically altered or demolished, we consider the relationship between person and building to have been broken. We may, however, consider another building or site that has a distinct link to the nominee in exceptional circumstances.

An independent panel assesses all nominations. Successful nominations will be announced publicly before the plaque’s installation.

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3 Propose a plaque

The Commemorative Plaque Scheme celebrates the link between person and building and emphasises the social and human element of local architecture.

If you’d like to propose a plaque, you should first make certain the subject is eligible for consideration

All nominations will be considered by an independent assessment panel and the successful nominations will be announced publically, prior to then making arrangements for the installation of the Commemorative Plaque.

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You can contact us with your questions about nominating a plaque

Email: grants@hes.scot
Telephone: 0131 668 8801

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