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Find out how we look after the thousands of objects and millions of photographs in our care.

We care for thousands of objects and millions of photographs, along with a wealth of data on Scotland’s historic environment.

Our collections fall under three main categories:

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Our work is as varied as the collections themselves.


We’re always acquiring new objects and archives to develop and enhance our collections. Items can include:

  • archaeological artefacts and archives
  • architectural plans and drawings
  • aerial photographs
  • objects associated with our Properties in Care


Different kinds of objects require different care, from glass plate negatives to industrial machinery. We work with specialists to monitor and conserve items in our collections. Through regular monitoring, housekeeping and risk assessments, we make sure our items are preserved for future generations.

Documenting and researching

We catalogue and document each of our items to recognised national standards. Our work also includes photographing, scanning and digitising originals to aid their preservation and broaden public access.

We also commission varied programmes of study to broaden our understanding of our collections and contribute to wider research objectives.

Providing public access

We create interpretive displays at our properties and for temporary touring exhibitions, working with our own collections and items lent from other institutions, museums and galleries. Through our Search Room, reference library and stores, we facilitate public and educational access to our collections.