Historic Scotland

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Open year-round.



Crawl into a unique prehistoric tomb hollowed out from a massive block of sandstone. 

The Dwarfie Stane has attracted curiosity for centuries. There are many stories attached to it, and it is said to have had many famous visitors. The little chambers, too small to stand up in, are thought to have given rise to legends about ‘dwarfs’ – hence the name. 

The stone is classed as a Neolithic tomb, solely on the basis of its form and design: a narrow passage leading to two small cells. There have been no recorded finds of bone or artefacts linking it to any period in prehistory. 

Visitors can enter the tomb, hollowed out before the invention of metal tools – although it is a tight fit! Look out for the historic graffiti, including some beautifully carved Persian script, dating to 1850, on the outside of the tomb.