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Edinburgh, Stirling and Urquhart Castles are now open, please book your tickets online in advance. We are working hard to open other sites in the coming weeks


All the sites we manage can be considered for filming, browse our full collection. Alternatively you can explore our shortlist of popular and inspiring filming locations.

Professional photography can also be facilitated at our sites, and follows all the same procedures as outlined for filming, as do sound recordings.

Download and read our guidelines

How to apply 

You must apply for permission to film at our sites, unannounced or unauthorised filming will not be accommodated. 

Start the application process by filling out our filming request form:

Filming request form

Alternatively you can email us at

If you would like to undertake Digital Documentation, please visit the Digital Documentation pages of our website for all the guidance and information you need on applying for consent.


Fees will apply to all filming at Historic Environment Scotland sites except:

  • Promotional Filming
  • Student Filming

Refer to our guidelines to learn about how we define these types of filming.

Fees will vary depending on the nature of your filming, crew size and specific site and are always subject to negotiation. We use a pricing structure, available on request, where fees start from £300 for up to 2 hours on site.

Additional charges may be applicable depending on your requirements. For example, the cost to Historic Environment Scotland of providing additional staffing to supervise your filming or loss of admissions income if the site needs to close to visitors. Other elements that carry additional charges include:

  • Road closures in Holyrood Park
  • Special parking provision for vehicles or base units
  • Use of a UAV (drone)
  • Late notice applications (less than 5 working days)
  • Cancellation of confirmed filming

For full information on fees, discuss your project with us by emailing