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Two people sitting at a table look at a historical scabbard, with scientific recording equipment nearby.

We are recognised as an Independent Research Organisation (IRO) by UK Research and Innovation (UKRI). This allows us to apply for funding from any of the UKRI Research Councils.  We regularly receive funding from other major research funders, including the European Commission, the Royal Society of Edinburgh and the Leverhulme Trust. Most of our research is undertaken in partnership, either with universities, other public bodies, or other IROs. 

We also support research through our grant programmes. You can find more information on the kinds of research funded through our grants programme on the Historic Environment Grants Programme section of our website. 

We also offer advice and support to community groups looking to undertake research into their local historic environment. Our Talking about Heritage guidance is a good place to start, or for information and support for you and your community, visit our Community Advice Hub.