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A person wearing glasses is looking closely at a painting of an old sailing ship with many sails. They are also wearing gloves and are looking intently at it through a small circular plastic instrument.

Historic Environment Scotland's Research Strategy 2023-28 lays out our approach to research. We believe that our historic environment is not only a national asset, but is also a vital part of our communities. We want to sustain and enhance the benefits that our nation’s heritage creates, and ensure the historic environment is at the centre of national life.

The Research Strategy aligns with both our Corporate Plan, Heritage for All, and the national strategy for Scotland’s historic environment, Our Past, Our Future. It identifies five priorities that will guide our work: 

  • Addressing Climate Change
  • Strengthening Communities
  • Informing Policy and Practice
  • Tackling Inequality
  • Driving Innovation

Under each priority theme are a series of research questions that we aim to address by the end of the Strategy.  Aiming to answer these questions will help to channel our research activity and partnerships, and ensure the research we undertake has maximum impact.

Historic Environment Scotland Research Strategy 2023-2028