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Re-using public sector information

Find out about Public Sector Information (PSI) and our Public Task.

Public Sector Information (PSI) Directive

On 18 July 2015, the Public Sector Information (PSI) Directive came into force. This legislation affects central and local government or any other public body including cultural sector bodies, museums and galleries.

The Directive aims to encourage enterprise by the re-use of information already created by the public sector. Examples include mapping data, basic metadata and certain types of imagery which are created via public fundingĀ and then re-purposed commercially by third-party entrepreneurs.

Our Public Task

The PSI regulations relate only to material and information that we hold as part of our Public Task. Our Public Task comprises all of the statutory functions, duties and responsibilities set out in the Historic Environment Scotland Act 2014 and related legislation, as well as the objectives set out in our Corporate Plan.

We produce, hold, collect, use and disseminate information and documents within our Public Task for the purposes of:
  • preserving, conserving and developing Properties in Care, archives and collections
  • exhibiting and interpreting Properties in Care, archives and collections
  • investigating, recording and protecting the historic environment
  • managing the National Record, archives and collections as a national resource for reference, study and research
  • encouraging education and research
  • promoting and contributing to understanding and enjoyment of the historic environment including through publications, partnerships and membership programme
  • meeting its operational, legal, charitable and statutory obligations
These documents are:
  • in any and all formats and media
  • in physical and digital form, both online and offline
  • on Historic Environment Scotland premises and externally, for example through loan

Download our Statement of Public Task for PSI Purposes [PDF, 250KB]

Find out how to make a PSI enquiry or complaint.