Access to Information

Publication Scheme: guide to information

Our publication scheme, as required by the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act, and the information available through the scheme.

Like all Scottish public authorities, we must produce and maintain a ‘publication scheme’ under the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002. This lists the types of information we routinely make available, how to access them and what it costs.  

Historic Environment Scotland uses the Model Publication Scheme 2018 produced by the Scottish Information Commissioner. 

As part of this, we produce for members of the public a guide to information available through the scheme.  

Download the Guide to information available through our Publication Scheme 2018 [PDF, 238KB]

Our guide:  

  • lets you see what information is (and is not available) in relation to each class
  • states the charges that may apply for requesting information
  • describes how to find the information easily
  • gives details of who to contact for help accessing information
  • explains how to request information that hasn’t been published  

You can download much of the available information direct from this website in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF). We regularly review and update the information in the guide.

Find out more about the Model Publication Scheme on the Commissioner’s website.  


FOI Officer
Historic Environment Scotland
Longmore House
Salisbury Place