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Senior staff salaries

In line with the Scottish Government guidelines we disclose the names, job titles and salary details of senior management staff.

Scottish Ministers have asked that each Scottish NDPB (Non-Departmental Public Body) and Public Corporation publish the names, salaries and other information of senior staff on their website.

Senior management staff are selected by reference to the seniority of role and therefore we have published details of our Chief Executive and Directors.

The information published below is correct as of 31 March 2019.

Name Job title Pay grade Salary (within a £5k range)
Alex Paterson Chief Executive Band 2 £120,000 - £125,000
Dr David Mitchell Director of Conservation Band G £70,000-£75,000
Gary Love Director of Corporate Services Band G £70,000-£75,000
Stephen Duncan Director of Commercial & Tourism Band G £70,000-£75,000
Barbara Cummins Heritage Director Band G £70,000-£75,000
Lisa McGraith * Director of Communications Band G £70,000-£75,000
Donella Steel Director of Finance Band G £70,000-£75,000
Alison Turnbull Director of Development and Partnership Band G £60,000-£65,000

* Lisa McGraith on maternity leave from 4 March 2019. Kirsteen Rowlands was seconded from the Scottish Government as Interim Director of Communications from 13 March 2019. The recharge for the services provided during 2018-19 was £4,090.

Further details on the Senior Management team salaries and pension benefits can be found in our 2018-19 Annual Report and Financial Statements