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The Dunimarle Library Display

Selected dates from Friday 4 October 2019 to Friday 27 March 2020

Duff House

The works of Allan Ramsay, Duff House.

The library forms part of a collection of paintings, furniture and china, that once belonged to a wealthy Scottish family, the Erskines of Torrie, and is now on display at Duff House. 

The library was collected by members of the family in the latter half of the 18th and the early part of the 19th century. Many such libraries existed in the houses of wealthier Scottish families, but fewer have remained reasonably intact: here, in over 4000 volumes, we have a snapshot of the interests of various members of the family and fascinating glimpse of the times in which they lived. 

In small displays over the coming months, some of these interests, stories and themes will be revealed: family life, children's books and the study of Persian texts among those.

Select from 76 available dates until Fri 27 Mar 2020

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