Historic Scotland
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Opening times

1 April to 30 September:
Monday to Sunday, 9.30am to 5.30pm

1 October to 31 March:
Restricted hours, please phone 01856 841 815 for information.

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Delve into more than 4,000 years of human settlement in the same location. Neolithic people first settled at this site in Shetland around 2700 BC, and it remained in use until the AD 1600s.

Discoveries made here include oval-shaped Bronze Age houses, an Iron Age broch and wheelhouses, Norse long houses, a medieval farmstead, and a laird’s house dating from the 1500s.

What to see and do

  • Marvel at Jarlshof’s complexity – more than 4,000 years of human settlement on a single site
  • Visit the Iron Age broch and wheelhouses, which amazingly survive despite the sea’s best efforts to wash them away
  • See physical proof of the Norse communities set up in the Northern Isles in early medieval times
  • View a rich collection of artefacts spanning the different eras – many of them on display in the visitor centre
  • Enjoy the site’s dramatic location on a headland overlooking the West Voe of Sumburgh
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