Historic Scotland

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Clickimin Broch is open year-round.




Discover centuries of settlement at this remarkable site on the outskirts of Lerwick.

On the shore of Clickimin Loch is an outstanding example of a broch, a sophisticated type of stone-built round house found only in Scotland. Clickimin Broch has evidence of settlement spanning over a thousand years.

The broch tower still stands to an impressive height and the whole promontory is enclosed by a stout wall. Once inside, the enigmatic blockhouse rises up in front of the broch itself. To the west of the broch tower are the remains of a number of different structures dating from around 1000 BC to 500 AD.

A key point of interest is a stone sculpted with a pair of feet, situated on the causeway. This rare sculpture could date from the late Iron Age or early historic period and may be associated with kingship and inauguration rites.