Historic Scotland

Opening times

1 July to 31 October:
Saturday and Sunday, 1pm to 5pm

1 November to 30 June:

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Enter what was one of the first small-town gasworks to open in Scotland – and among the last to close. For more than 130 years, the industrial plant made coal gas for use in the town and beyond.

Almost all of the gasworks buildings and equipment remain. You can even see some of the steam-driven machines used for gas production and distribution in action.

Biggar Gasworks passed into state care soon after its doors shut. Today, it’s a lasting reminder of an industry that benefited all of Scotland’s citizens, and the only preserved gasworks left in the country.

What to see and do

  • Gain great insights into the gasworks – so complete is the site, it’s almost as it was left on its last day of production 
  • Learn the secret of how our gas was made before the advent of natural gas in the 1960s
  • Take in the smell – just enough lingers in the air to provide that authentic Victorian experience