Historic Scotland

Opening times

Auchagallon Cairn is open year-round.



Admire an ancient burial place on a hillside overlooking a bay on one of Scotland’s most beautiful islands. Auchagallon was built about 4,000 years ago, and was probably a kerbed burial cairn.

Auchagallon is one of the numerous ancient sites in this part of the isle of Arran. It’s just a short distance from Machrie Moor, a remarkable prehistoric landscape. Auchengallon is similar in form to the encircled cairn at Moss Farm Road, where an earlier stone circle was incorporated as an outer kerb into the burial cairn.

Fifteen upright stone slabs make up the 14.5m-wide Auchagallon Stone Circle, though there are several noticeable gaps where stones are possibly either buried or missing. All made of red sandstone, except for two made of grey granite.