Historic Scotland

Opening times

Croy Hill is open year-round.



See where Romans cut a ditch through solid rock at this Antonine Wall fort. Some of the fortifications at Croy Hill are no longer visible, but the Romans’ mark on the landscape is unmistakeable.

Croy Hill was once home to:

• a fort
• a fortlet
• a temporary camp
• two raised platforms, known as ‘expansions’, which may have been used for signalling 

Croy Hill offers commanding views over the surrounding landscape, including the Firth of Forth and hills of Fife to the east, the Kilsyth Hills to the north, and the next fort at Bar Hill to the west.

Croy Hill fort was one of 16 known forts along the Antonine Wall, which was built across Scotland’s central belt from AD 140. The wall formed the north-western frontier of the Roman Empire.