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Listen to gripping tales from Scotland's history with our audio guides

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From following the route of medieval pilgrims at Glasgow Cathedral, to journeying through Edinburgh Castle with a cast of historical and contemporary characters, our audio guides tell you fascinating stories of some of Scotland’s most impressive historic places.

Explore on site

Now many of the historic places we care for are open again, you can enjoy our audio guides at these sites as part of the ticket price:

And at Edinburgh Castle, Glasgow Cathedral and Stirling Castle for an additional extra charge.

Historic Scotland members get a 20% discount at Edinburgh Castle and Glasgow Cathedral. At Stirling Castle, the audio guide is free for members.

How it works

You can access all of our audio guides through your own mobile phone apart from at Iona Abbey where you can use one of our own devices. At Edinburgh Castle and St Andrews Castle, you’ll be able to hire one of our devices if you prefer. 

To access through your own device, bring:

  • a fully charged mobile phone or tablet 
  • a set of headphones if you can

You'll receive a link to the guide in an email along with your admission ticket. We recommend opening the link in your browser before you arrive on site and keeping the page open. This helps load the guide where your internet connection might be strongest.

If you're not able to pre-load the guide at home, you can use a QR code on site - you'll need an internet connection.

Help will be on hand from our staff if you need it.

The small print

  • the audio guide will open in a web browser so won’t take up any additional space on your phone. This will take around 30 - 40 seconds
  • the guide will stay on your device for around 8 hours
  • we don’t collect any personal data when you access the content of these audio guides
  • our audio guides work best on your phone through your browser, especially on Safari and Google Chrome. 
  • for best results, make sure your phone settings are up-to-date