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Iona Abbey and Nunnery Souvenir Guide

Front cover of Iona Abbey and Nunnery souvenir guide

From St Columba to the Protestant Reformation via Viking incursions, Iona Abbey’s story is told in this wonderful guide.

Iona is a name that will resonate with any student of Scottish history. This souvenir guide tells the story of Iona, and the island’s abbey and nunnery.

From the original arrival of St Columba, through the turmoil of Viking raids in the 700s and the Protestant Reformation of 1560, this illustrated guide is a spellbinding guide to the centre of Scottish Christianity – a site whose religious practice flourishes to this very day.

This guide includes new information and photography, including images of Iona’s collection of carved stones which was re-displayed in 2013.

An Iona Abbey guide leaflet is also available in French, German, Italian and Spanish and costs £1.

  • Audiences:

    Members, Visitors
  • Date Published:

    18 October 2018
  • Publisher:

    Historic Environment Scotland
  • Publication Types:

    Official Souvenir Guide
  • Author(s):

    Nicki Scott

    Nicki is a Cultural Resources Advisor at Historic Environment Scotland.

    Peter Yeoman

  • Format(s):

    72 pages, 194mm x 272mm
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