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Dunfermline Abbey and Palace Souvenir Guide

Front cover of Dunfermline Abbey and Palace souvenir guide

The abbey at Dunfermline has a vast history that stretches back to the 11th century. The site was first developed as a small priory, but was then extended into an abbey in the 12th century.

The site served as the final resting place of Queen Margaret, King David I and Robert the Bruce.

This accessible, detailed guide walks you through the rich, detailed history of Dunfermline Abbey and Palace.

  • Audiences:

    Members, Visitors
  • Date Published:

    18 October 2018
  • Publisher:

    Historic Environment Scotland
  • Publication Types:

    Official Souvenir Guide
  • Author(s):

    Kirsty Owen

    Kirsty is Senior Archaeology Manager at Historic Environment Scotland
  • Format(s):

    32 pages, 147mm x 210mm
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