Tales of the Young Storytellers

View the wonderful stories we received from young storytellers in our online exhibition

Join us in celebrating Scotland’s Year of Stories by being transported to places all around Scotland that hold a special place in our storytellers’ hearts. Get ready to encounter all sorts of creatures and be whisked away on adventures in the tales of our young storytellers.

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Congratulations to the winners who submitted wonderful stories about their favourite places in Scotland.

Written Story, aged 5-9 years old

The Secret Club by Vida

"Chapter 1

Hi, my name is Ealasaid and this is Màiri, my best friend, and we’re part of the Secret Club at the Burrell Collection. The others in the club are: Emma, Fraser, George, Mia and Oscar. We go to the club to make sure that nothing goes missing and that everything is kept in order.

Mia has the important job of keeping everyone right and telling them where they should be based. Sometimes she is alright but other times not so much. Oscar is on the CCTV 12 hours a day finding out what people are around. It’s a very important job when you think about it. Emma is so kind and caring. She usually looks after the glass at the Burrell Collection and she’s great at it..." 

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Written story, aged 10-12 years old

The Loch Ness Monster by Iain 

"Every day strange things happen in Loch Ness. 28 people left on a boat but the boat came back empty, amidst mist with nothing but broken glass. Other people started going under the water to see what was happening and to find the missing people, but the divers' cameras were breaking. But one day people saw a very strange shape, a small piece out of the water. Then there was a huge wave which dragged cars and people who were walking into the loch. A lot of people thought it was the Loch Ness monster…"

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Spoken entry, aged 10-12 years old

Duntulm Castle by Jonathan

Be taken on a journey through time of Jonathan’s favourite place in Scotland, Duntulm Castle. Hear a variety of tales about its past as a Pictish fort, a Viking stronghold and home to Clan Donald and meet interesting historical characters on the way.

The story is told in Gaelic and you can switch on subtitles (click the 'CC' icon bottom right) in both Gaelic and English. Alternatively, you can follow the story in English by downloading its translation [PDF, 133 KB)

Runners up

Read these fantastic stories submitted by selected runners up.

Written Story, aged 10-12 years old

Cardross by Anna

"Mia could hear one thing on the way home from Queen Street Station in Glasgow. That was the chugging of the coaches. She closed her eyes and her imagination was free. She went up the mountains and back down on the back of a brutish squirrel on the wing! She had been drawing and the picture came to life, they went through pages and pages, Mia in her picture; they made mountains, the sea and everything else in creation..."

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Written Story, aged 10-12 years old

The Hand of the Loch by Anna Rose

"The oar of the boat plunged into the black water, turning in a small circle. The boat only moved a little bit.

"Oh my goodness, Eilidh!" Luna said with a sigh like a camel. "Where did that year lifting weights go! We've been on Loch Fyne 2 hours now, and I can still see the bottom of the lake as if it's dancing beside me!”

Avi put his hand in the water and splashed Luna in the face. "Eilidh is trying, gobby!" ...

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