Threave Castle and Scott

Walter Scott reflects on Scotland's turbulent past

Built by Archibald 'the Grim' in 1369 as a stronghold for the Black Douglases, Threave Castle is a massive tower house and island fortress in Dumfries.

After a morning's writing about Threave, Stirling and Edinburgh, Scott muses on the violence and treachery in Scotland's history in 'A Wild World'

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Walter Scott’s thoughts, after spending a morning writing about Scottish history.

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September 27.

The morning was damp, dripping, and unpleasant; so I even made a work of necessity, and set to the Tales like a dragon.

I murdered M'Lellan of Bomby at Thrieve Castle; stabbed the Black Douglas in the town of Stirling; astonished King James before Roxburgh; and stifled the Earl of Mar in his bath in the Canongate.

A wild world, my masters, this Scotland of ours must have been. No fear of want of interest; no lassitude in those days for want of work,

"For treason, d' ye see,
Was to them a dish of tea,
And murther bread and butter.

Sir Walter Scott - Celebrating 250 Years

In 2021-22, Scotland celebrates the 250th anniversary of one of its most famous sons, Sir Walter Scott. This online exhibition and audio trail of his legacies is part of the celebrations.

'A Wild World' has been performed by Edinburgh actor Gavin Paul, who is looking forward to visiting some of these important historical sights.