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Scotland’s Historic Environment Audit

Find out how SHEA reports inform the management of the historic environment.

Scotland’s Historic Environment Audit (SHEA) is an assessment of our historic environment. Statistics on Scotland’s heritage assets are included as well as details of how these are changing over time.

SHEA reports show in facts and figures that Scotland’s historic environment is a unique asset that attracts millions of visitors each year and generates income and jobs across Scotland.

Reports bring together in one place research and data of real practical use to all those involved in managing the historic environment.

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SHEA aims to identify:

  • issues relevant to the health of the historic environment
  • the impact of the resources used to manage and protect it

For example, data is provided on:

  • the number of recorded and protected heritage assets such as ancient monuments, archaeological sites and buildings at risk
  • the condition of these heritage assets
  • funding, management and employment relating to the assets
  • benefits created by the historic environment, including visitor numbers, participation and economic value

SHEA also highlights gaps in our knowledge.

The historic environment sector uses SHEA data to inform decisions on the:

  • management of the historic environment
  • development of policy, strategy, planning and resource allocation

SHEA is an ongoing project led by Historic Environment Scotland. Future audits will help to measure the success our 10-year strategy for Scotland’s historic environment, Our Place in Time.