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Our roles in Strategic Environmental Assessment

Our roles in Strategic Environmental Assessment, as a responsible authority and also as a consultation authority.

Historic Environment Scotland is both a responsible authority and a consultation authority for Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) purposes.  

Responsible authority role

As a responsible authority, we consider all qualifying Historic Environment Scotland plans, programmes and strategies for SEA.

Where significant environmental effects are likely, we carry out an environmental assessment.

You can find on the SEA Database a full record of all SEA work carried out by Historic Environment Scotland.  

Consultation authority role

As a consultation authority, we:

  • respond to screening reports (within 28 days)
  • respond to requests for help in scoping environmental assessments (within 35 days)
  • review environmental reports (time frame agreed during scoping)
  • respond to adoption notices, where required

 These duties are set out in full in the Environmental Assessment (Scotland) Act 2005.


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