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Landscapes and Gardens

Do you like nature and the great outdoors? Are you passionate about Scotland’s environment, flora, and fauna? If so, a career in landscape and gardens may be for you! From gardeners and landscape maintenance operatives to rangers and environmental professionals, there are plenty of roles you can choose from.

Landscape gardeners

Staff working within this sector conserve and protect Scotland’s heritage. Gardens and landscapes play a major role in telling the story of an area and can be popular attractions for people to visit. Perhaps you’re interested in demonstrating historical horticultural techniques? Or want to keep our heritage sites as beautiful places that we want to stay and spend our time in? Maybe you want to develop a landscape conservation project? This and more are possible when working within landscapes and gardens.

Several jobs in this area often have a key educational role to play. You’ll be able to tell people about the plants and animals in the area, and inform visitors in how to respect and care for their environment and the wildlife around them, depending on your role.

Many jobs in this area require good teamwork, communication skills and the ability to work independently. Of course, an interest in plants and wildlife is very useful!

Example jobs include:

  • Site Ranger
  • Head Ranger
  • Landscape Manager
  • Ecologist
  • Environmental Advisor
  • Gardener
  • Garden Supervisor
  • Garden Consultant
  • Grounds Maintenance Team Member

What next?

To find out more about what skills are needed, information on training, how to get started on your career and examples about different roles, a good site to visit is Lantra’s Industry Details on Horticulture & Landscaping and Environmental Conservation.

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