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Income and expenditure

Find out where our funding comes from and how we plan to spend it.

Our Corporate Plan indicates where our funding comes from and how we will spend it in the current financial year.


Most of our funding comes from the Scottish Government and admission to our properties across Scotland. Find a full breakdown for our year 2022-23 below:

Income Amount
Government grant-in-aid £62.1 million
Charitable activities £38.1 million
Trading activities £14.5 million
Donations and other income £0.5 million
Total £115.2 million


The majority of our spending goes towards running our organisation and the estate.

Expenditure Amount
Raising funds £13 million
Charitable activities £88.8 million
Grants £17.9 million
Total £119.7 million

Further details of our income and expenditure can be found in our 2022-23 Annual Report and Financial Statements