Holding a community event

Discover whether we can accommodate your community event at a historic property in our care.

What is a community event?

Community events that happen at Properties in Care are typically activities like choir and music recitals, religious services, community ceilidhs or one-off small scale events that:

  • have no or minimal infrastructure
  • take up minimal space
  • generally, are on site no more than one day, but can be repeat activity
  • are not for profit and are wholly non-commercial activities
  • are encouraged to be of interest to our visitors if during the day

Events which do not fall within this description may be too large in scale to be considered community events.

For all types of events, we may charge a fee.

You can start the application process by contacting:

Email: communityevents@hes.scot

Phone: 0131 550 7603

The application process for small community events is straightforward, but we require you to contact us at least eight weeks in advance of the event, or earlier if possible.

All public event applications are considered impartially and on a case-by-case basis. Please do not advertise your event until we have provided permission.

Larger events

We do consider applications for larger events, but special consideration is given to these applications due to the escalated risk to our historic environment and impact on visitor experience.

If you would like to hold a larger event at a Property in Care, please contact us by emailing events@hes.scot. Applications for large events should be submitted a year in advance.