St Andrews Castle

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The mine

On 29 May 1546 a group of Fife lairds gained access to the castle disguised as masons. Once inside they seized Archbishop David Beaton, killed him and hung his naked body from the battlements.

The Earl of Arran, Regent of Scotland, ordered the murderers of Archbishop Beaton to be dislodged from the castle and laid siege to it.

Trying to hasten the end of the siege the attackers began to dig a tunnel or mine, hoping to bring down the walls by igniting gunpowder under the foundations.

The counter-mine

Their plan was foiled by the defenders who, directed only by the sounds of excavation, dug a countermine. After several false starts they intercepted the mine and thwarted the attack.

The counter-mine is cramped and hastily dug - an act of desperation by the defenders.

Explore the countermine through this 360 photo.