Ticket Giveaway FAQs

Ticket Giveaway FAQs

  • Why is the barcode not displaying?
    If the barcode isn't displaying on your computer, it may be a security setting on the computer itself. We recommend checking the top of your email for a message to "display images" of the email as they may be hidden.

  • I can't get the barcode to print, what should I do?
    This is potentially a printer issue/setting. Please print out the confirmation email with your order number to allow our staff to trace your booking.

  • I haven't received my email
    Please send an email to ticketing@hes.scot before 5pm on Thursday 28 November, providing the order number if possible. Alternatively, please provide the name and email address used at the time of booking.

  • Someone can't make it, can I change the name?
    If only one name change is required, and the named adult is still going there will not be an issue to gain entry on arrival with the current confirmation email if the named adults has ID.

  • I want to transfer the booking to someone else, is this possible?
    Please send an email to ticketing@hes.scot before 5pm on Thursday 28 November, providing the order number and the names that you wish the booking to be changed to.

  • I don't have a printer, can I show the tickets on my phone?
    No. Tickets presented on smart devices will not be accepted as these cannot be scanned for entry.

  • Can my children visit without an adult?
    No. Children age 15 years and under must be accompanied by an adult aged 16 years or over.

  • Does my Edinburgh Castle ticket allow access to the Castle of Light event?
    No. The Castle of Light evening event is not included in the Ticket Giveaway offer. Free tickets are valid for use during standard opening hours only.

  • I see that I have to take ID, I don't have a passport or driving licence what do I do?
    You may be asked for ID on arrival. Please bring along some form of ID with your name on it, it doesn't specifically have to be driver's licence or passport.

  • I'm unable to go on 30 Nov or 1 Dec, is the ticket valid outwith the weekend?
    No. The ticket can only be used either 30 Nov or 1 Dec. The tickets cannot be transferred to another day even if the site must close due to weather. This is detailed in the terms and conditions agreed to whilst booking.

  • Can the ticket be moved to a different timeslot/date?
    Tickets need to be used on the date selected. For Edinburgh, Doune and Stirling Castles where a timeslot must be selected if you want to come later your tickets will remain valid for the remainder of the day. If you wish to come before your timeslot unfortunately this will not be possible due to capacity restraints. Please note that this doesn't apply to Maeshowe - due to restrictions in tour sizes you must stay with the selected timeslot. Entry cannot be guaranteed if you miss your time. 

  • I can no longer attend, how do I cancel my booking?
    If you can no longer use your tickets, please let us know and they can be re-allocated to someone else. Please email ticketing@hes.scot with the order number and the name it was booked under, we will cancel the booking.

  • There are no tickets left for the site that I want to visit, is there a waiting list?
    Due to the volume of enquiries we receive we are unable to offer a waiting list, if we receive any cancellations these will go back online for anyone to book. We recommend that you keep checking the Ticket Giveaway site periodically.

  • I'm trying to book tickets but an error message keeps appearing
    This could appear for various reasons, however we would recommend firstly ensuring that you only have a maximum of 2 adults and 3 children in your basked and that you have selected a date and time for your visit. If this fails it might be that there is not enough capacity for the number of tickets requested. We recommend contacting ticketing@hes.scot for further assistance

  • If the weather is bad will sites close? 
    In the event of adverse weather, some of our attractions may need to close - please check our Twitter feed and #hsclosure for closure notices in advance of your visit or visit our unexpected closures page. If your chosen property does close during 30 November or 1 December your Ticket Giveaway ticket will not be valid for any other date.