Stirling Castle British Sign Language Tour

Take a British Sign Language Tour around Stirling Castle with our guide John Hay.

Use the films below to explore the castle.


John welcomes you to Stirling Castle, and tells you a little about the castle and its significance in Scottish history.

The Battlements

John explains in BSL the importance of Stirling Castle's location, and tells stories of four major battles fought around it.

The Inner Close

In BSL, discover the Stewart monarchs who lived at Stirling, and developed the buildings in this central royal part of the castle.

The Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders Regimental Museum

John describes in BSL the building which now houses the regimental museum, and what can be seen inside today.

The Royal Palace

Discover in BSL how the palace was restored to its former glory, and the tapestries and carved heads that have been recreated to bring these royal chambers back to life.

The Chapel Royal

John uses BSL to describe how the chapel was built, and how some of its early decoration was discovered more recently.

The Great Hall

John introduces you to the Renaissance glory of Stirling Castle's Great Hall.

The Kitchens

John describes how the kitchens were built, lost, and rediscovered over the centuries of Stirling Castle’s history. 

The Nether Bailey

John ends this BSL tour of the castle in the Nether Bailey - the old service area of the castle, and describes how tapestries were recently woven here for the Royal Palace.