Top tips for spectacular storytelling

In this video, storyteller Mara Menzies shares her top tips to help your inner storyteller shine.

Pick up a few pointers for telling your favourite story

In this video, storyteller Mara Menzies shares her top tips to help your inner storyteller shine.

We've summarised some of her 8 suggestions below!

1. Know your audience

This will help you choose the right story for your audience, and tell it in the best way for them.

2. Love the stories you tell

If you love your stories, that enthusiasm will come across to your audience!

3. Prepare props, setting...

A little bit of preparation can go a long way. Using some props can help you remember the different parts of a story.

And remember to think about how to make people comfortable wherever they are standing or sitting - or lying down, tucked up in bed!

4. Keep eye contact

If you are looking at your audience it's easier to bring them into your story and make them feel that the story is just for them.

5. Use your voice

Play with how fast and slow you speak, use accents, go higher to create a sense of excitement or lower to create a sense of danger.

The more you vary your voice, the more you can get across lots of different emotions and create drama in your stories!

6. Play with your expressions

Use the expressions on your face to help share your feelings about the story - or the feelings of the characters you're talking about.

7. Use your physicality

All storytellers use their bodies to help tell their stories.

Some people like making big movements and others like smaller movements - making tiny gestures with their hands, tilting their head, and leaning in towards their audience.

Try different things out and see what comes naturally!

8. Have fun!

Mara has saved the most important tip until last! If you're having fun, your audience will have fun too!

We hope you enjoy experimenting with your storytelling, whether you’re sharing a story with your family, spinning a yarn with your class or enthralling some friends with a great anecdote.