Grants and Funding

Partnership Working Case Study


  • Union Street Conservation Area Regeneration Scheme (CARS), Aberdeen City
  • Banff Conservation Area Regeneration Scheme (CARS), Aberdeenshire

Theme: Partnership Working

Project 1 - Union Street CARS, Aberdeen 

Grantee organisation Aberdeen City Council
Total HES funding £1,177,104
Total Scheme Cost £3,516,965
Scheme Delivery Period 2017-2023

This scheme is being delivered by Aberdeen City Council with the focus on the regeneration of buildings located on Union Street in the city centre. Developed in response to long standing concerns about the condition of these buildings, the vision for the scheme includes the repair of the buildings to reverse their deterioration and improve the quality of life for residents.

Project 2 - Banff CARS, Aberdeenshire

Grantee organisation Aberdeenshire Council
Total HES funding £500,000
Total Scheme Cost £1,767,257
Scheme Delivery Period 2014-2019

A second CARS in Banff was delivered by Aberdeenshire Council with the aim to regenerate the the Bridge Street and Low Street areas of the town centre. The main focus of the scheme was the repair of and, in some instances the reuse of, key buildings in these locations which were in a poor state of repair and having a detrimental impact on the Conservation Area. The vision of this scheme was to rejuvinate the town centre making Banff a more attractive destination.

Theme: Partnership Working

For Union Street CARS, Aberdeen City Council worked in collaboration with Aberdeen City Heritage Trust (ACHT) to develop the content of their successful CARS funding application. ACHT operate autonomously, advising on and providing grant support for local historic environment projects and also deliver training and educational activities. In support of the CARS application, the Trust worked with the Council to underake a number of research and development activities, using their own knowledge and experience of the local historic environment and its issues.

For Banff CARS, Aberdeenshire Council worked in partnership with North East Scotland Preservation Trust (NESPT) to unlock a priority project in Bridge Street (No.49-53) which had been in a derelict state. NESPT provides project management and consultancy services to Aberdeenshire Council and community groups and also takes on challenging buildings which helps to leverage in additional funding and expertise. The Trust took on the ownership of the building, and the CARS funding helped to support the cost of its repair and reuse as accommodation for visitors on learning breaks at the nearby Silversmith training centre (Former Smiddy), which was also a CARS project. The Trust have worked in partnership with Aberdeenshire Council to deliver projects in other CARS including Portsoy and, more recently, Fraserburgh. Read more about 49-53 Bridge Street and other projects on the NESPT website

49-53 Bridge St in Banff before the work was done

49-53 Bridge St, Banff (before). Image © NESPT

49-53 Bridge St in Banff after the work was done

49-53 Bridge St, Banff (after). Image © NESPT

Key Findings/Conclusions

For both Union Street and Banff CARS, the partnership working involved in their development and delivery has been crucial for their success. This collaborative way of working between local authorities and Building Preservation Trusts and/or City Heritage Trusts allows for specialist expertise and knowledge to be brought in and shared which can be key for the successful delivery of schemes and projects including the restoration of challenging buildings.