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St Peter's Seminary, Cardross

Conservation Assessment

Front cover of St Peter's Seminary, Cardross Conservation Assessment

The study begins with an overview and a description of the site, focussing on the ruined, Category A listed seminary which was built to designs by the celebrated modernist firm of architects, Gillespie Kidd and Coia between 1961-66. Since its closure in 1980 the seminary has suffered catastrophic damage through vandalism and exposure to the elements. 

The Avanti report was intended to assist in the process of investigating long term options for the site. It addresses nine distinct tasks (see Appendix 12.8) and begins with a summary of the original asset, followed by a statement of significance. The next section considers the (then) current condition of the property and the conservation issues raised in relation to the significance of each component of the buildings and site. Detailed condition survey investigations in relation to the concrete structure are also reported in this section. 

From this consideration of condition and conservation parameters a series of potential options for action is defined. Schemes are then proposed for the conservation of the immediate setting of the seminary and also for safe public access to the site with a further section scheduling a maintenance and safety regime. The cost summary presents budget estimates for the defined options, with related estimates for works to the setting of the buildings, and a separate estimate for re-forming the wider estate as a country park.

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    Conservation and Heritage Enthusiasts
  • Date Published:

    30 October 2008
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    Avanti Architects Ltd with Conisbee (Structure), Max Fordham LLP (Services), Charlotte McLean (Landscape), Stace (Costs) and Addyman Archaeology

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