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Pointing the Way to the Future

The climate and nature crises and our approach to our regulatory and advisory services in the planning and other consenting systems.

A historic stone tower in a rural landscape of fields. The tower is roofed and in tact but there are rubble ruins around it.

This position statement refers to Historic Environment Scotland’s role in the planning system and other decision-making processes for land management. It explains how we undertake these regulatory functions in a way that responds to our wider environmental responsibilities.

You can read more about our regulatory functions in our Regulatory Framework. You can read more about our environmental responsibilities in our Climate Action Plan and Green Recovery Statement.

The statement is an important first step that will start a wider conversation about how our regulatory work can contribute to climate adaptation and mitigation. It sets out current practice and a small number of high-level actions.

  • Audiences:

    Planners and Owners, Conservation and Heritage Enthusiasts
  • Date Published:

    21 July 2023
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    Operational Policy
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    Historic Environment Scotland

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    Climate Change