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Clan and Castle

The Lives and Lands of Scotland's Great Families.

Clan and Castle

Clans are central to the story of Scotland. These social and political groupings, based on kinship and local loyalties, played a key role in shaping the nation. Over many centuries, their culture, struggles and achievements shaped its history, and their strongholds defined its landscape.

But who were the clans? Where did they come from and where did they settle? What were the particular accomplishments of specific clans? Why were some feted and others hated? How did some become royal dynasties, and how did they hold onto power?

Historic Scotland’s former Principal Historian, Chris Tabraham, celebrates the legacy of seven great families through their dramatic stories and their formidable castles.

  • Audiences:

    Conservation and Heritage Enthusiasts, Members, Researchers, Visitors
  • Date Published:

    07 January 2008
  • Publisher:

    Historic Scotland
  • Publication Types:

    Book (General)
  • Author(s):

    Chris Tabraham

  • Format(s):

    ISBN: 9781904966975
    356pp, portrait, 272mm x 194mm
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