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Throughout its history, Edinburgh Castle suffered attack by foreign (English) forces and in internecine struggles. It was exposed to the attention of whatever was the best military technology and military inventiveness of the time, and, although not the subject of this paper, was constantly having its defences updated to deal with each new threat. 

The story of Edinburgh Castle and the assaults upon it is a major part of our national heritage. This research has demonstrated that Edinburgh Castle is the most besieged castle in Britain.

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    18 November 2019
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    Historic Environment Scotland
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    Edinburgh Castle Research Reports
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    David H Caldwell

    After graduating from Edinburgh University Dr Caldwell spent 38 years working for the National Museums of Scotland. When he retired in February 2012 he was keeper of two of the five curatorial departments - Scotland and Europe, and Archaeology. He directed major research excavations at Finlaggan, Islay, the Centre of the Lordship of the Isles, and has maintained a strong interest in the history and archaeology of Argyll and the Western Isles. He has published over 100 academic and popular papers and articles and 7 books. He is currently President of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland
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