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Equality Progress and Monitoring Data Reports

Front cover of Equalities Monitory Data Report 2021-22

Mainstreaming equality within our day-to-day functions is a key principle behind the legislation and we have adopted a receptive and practical approach to develop enhanced and improved equality, diversity, and inclusion. Mainstreaming and 2021-25 Equality Outcomes Report.

The Equality Act 2010 (Specific Duties) (Scotland) Regulations 2012 requires HES, as a listed public authority, to publish equality outcomes and report on progress; gather and use employee information; publish gender pay gap information; and publish statements on equal pay. The report includes our statement on equal pay as well as information on the equality profile of our workforce

This draft report sets out our progress in achieving its Equality Outcomes since April 2021 and publishes pay and equalities data. There are three main sections to the report:

  1. Equalities Outcomes - 2021-22 Progress Report
  2. Equalities Outcomes - Key Actions for 2023-25
  3. HES as an Employer - Pay and Equality Monitoring Data