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Above Scotland (Pocket HES)

Book cover showing an aerial photo of an isle

Aerial photography has the power to capture the lasting impression left on the land across the centuries. From castles, lochs and cities to rivers, mountains and beaches, the view from above provides a unique insight into Scotland today, threaded through with pictures of the past.

Packed with wonderful contemporary and archive imagery complemented by an illuminating introductory essay by James Crawford, Above Scotland reveals the true variety of Scotland.

  • Date Published:

    16 May 2024
  • Publication Types:

    General Interest
  • Author(s):

    James Crawford

    A writer, publisher and broadcaster, James Crawford’s books include The Edge of the Plain: How Borders Make and Break Our World, Wild History: Journeys Into Lost Scotland, Scotland’s Landscapes and Fallen Glory: The Lives and Deaths of the World’s Greatest Lost Buildings. He has also written and presented three series of the BBC One landmark documentary series Scotland from the Sky.
  • Format(s):

    ISBN: ISBN 978 1 84917 332 2
    168pp; 150 x 150mm
    150 illustrations
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  • Subjects:

    History, Aerial Photography, Scotland